We autonomously perform grid edge events without manual intervention.

Village Energy runs machine learning and Ai in a distributed model, at the grid edge. We are not just performing analytics, we are able to automate functions. For example, in addition to giving the utility choices to manually control demand response within a control centre, Village Energy also autonomously controls demand
response to maintain a grid balance.


We orchestrate validation, reconciliation and payment for grid events.

Village Energy’s granular metering and smart contracting engine allow us
to flexibly set contracts, validate that an event occurred, reconcile this against the contract and settle based on actual activity. This provides grid operators and retailers assurance on revenue and payments for grid edge events.




We provide tools so customers are engaged, in control and have choices.

Village Energy has embedded tools to engage consumers, give them choices for how they want to engage with the grid, provide real-time economic signals that advantage them, and keep them informed of what is happening. In this way, grid operators are simply
enacting the customer’s preferences, rather than making arbitrary central decisions.

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Village Energy is rethinking the world's energy system. The big picture is that large, centralized, electrical infrastructure is being replaced by small, nimble, distributed resources such as rooftop solar, batteries, electric vehicles
and smart appliances. This new energy reality requires instantaneous economic, technical and environmental management and a level of consumer
participation and engagement that has previously never existed.


A village is a collective; it’s characteristic of a sense of community and belonging. A ‘village’ can be a physical location or a group of individuals who band together around a movement. A Village Energy customer becomes part of a ‘village’ of people that share common ideals for an energy future that is smart, green and sustainable and engenders positive social change.


As this big picture emerges, Village Energy has created and implemented a feature-rich Artificial Intelligence (‘Ai’) driven energy management platform with a deep and sustainable set of differentiating advantages, which reinforces the role of the utility while centring the model around the
end-customer. Village Energy is the first system built from the ground up to meet the needs of the new distributed,
intermittent, dynamically priced operating environment.

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Village Energy's flagship project in Andhra Pradesh, India is a fully implemented demonstration of our technology and one of the most advanced electricity feeders in the world delivering exponential benefits to the utility and its customers.

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What every energy provider should understand about engaging digitally with consumers to decarbonize their energy system

Digitalization of consumer participation in the grid is essential to accelerate the low carbon energy transition. 


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Why energy providers are best placed to take advantage of the burgeoning connected energy market

Accelerating the clean energy transition through connected energy solutions at the grid edge. 

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Why energy providers need to provide a hyper-personalized energy experience to consumers, and how to do it

Using consumer data and artificial intelligence to power hyper-localised digital engagement

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